Linking a Product Review to an Order

Feedbackwhiz has the ability to 100% match a Product Review to an existing Order.
To enable this feature, two criteria must be met:

1) Seller central Integration must be enabled.

2) The matching order must have an email previously sent through Feedbackwhiz.

Note: Not all product reviews can be linked.  Only reviews written by customers who purchased from your store can be linked.  We recommend having email campaigns running for all orders to maximize linked orders.  For new signups, Feedbackwhiz will only "exact match" new incoming reviews, but will still give a list of potential matches for past reviews.

When a link_green.png symbol is displayed next to the review, this means that Feedbackwhiz was able to 100% match a buyer to the review.  Now it is possible to send an email to the buyer.

To learn how to contact the customer, click here.


If the two criteria above aren't met, you can still manually link orders using our algorithmic way to help you narrow down and link the order to the reviewer.  Although not all orders can be perfectly linked, it still gives you an opportunity to contact the reviewer.

If Feedbackwhiz's algorithm detects a potential match, you will see an "unlinked_symbol.png" symbol next to the action button. 


To link or match a review to an order, either click on the "unlinked_symbol.png" button, or click on the action button and then click "Link Order"



A popup window will appear and display detailed information on the Product review.

1. The pen name is the name the reviewer used to write his/her review on Amazon.  

2-3.  Feedbackwhiz compiles of list of potential matching orders and lets you choose which one you would like to link.  To link an order, click on the circle box and click the green "Link" button.

Now the review has been linked to an order and you should see the "unlinked_symbol.png" become "linked_symbol.png" next to action button.

To learn how to contact the customer, click here.



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