Using Actions


Every Product Review contains an "Action" box displayed on the far right side of every review.  Clicking the carrot symbol on box expands a drop down menu with the available Actions pertaining to that specific product review. 

Contact Customer- When a product review has been linked (linked_symbol.png )to a specific order, you have the ability to send an email to the customer.  When this action is selected, a popup will appear and you can choose an existing template to send to the customer.  This feature can be used to resolve any product issues a customer may have.  Note: Please read Amazon's Prohibited Activities carefully before using this feature to communicate with the buyer.

Link Order- Feedbackwhiz has the ability to match a Product Review to an existing Order.  Click here for more details.

Add Note- You have the ability to write a note to yourself regarding the Product Review.  The note is only visible to you through Feedbackwhiz and not to the customer or Amazon.

Contact Amazon Support- This will direct you to Amazon's Support website.  You may contact Amazon directly regarding any issues with a specific product review.

View Amazon Review-  This will direct you directly to where the Product Review is written.  
From, you can vote if Review is helpful, report abuse, or comment on the review.

The  email_symbol.png symbol next to the action button shows up when emails have been sent to this order.  Clicking the email icon will display a popup with more details on the emails sent.


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