Feedbackwhiz will notify users in real time of any new notifications using the bell icon located on the top right hand of the main Feedbackwhiz toolbar.  The number located next to the bell represents the number of "unread" notifications.  


To access the notification page, click on the bell.  Once the bell is clicked, the number will disappear and reset indicating that you have accessed the notification page.  When new notifications come in again, the number will show again of unread notifications.


The notification page informs you activities, system alerts, and news.

Time-  This is the timestamp of the notification and tells you when the event occurred.

Type- This shows the type of notification.

Order- Notifications alert you of refunded orders

Feedback- Notifications alert you of neutral/negative feedback and when feedback get removed.

Product Review- Notifications alert you of negative product reviews.

System-  Notifications on site updates/issues and payment update/issues

Message- Displays the detail of the notification and link to the section of the event.


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