Product Review Manager Overview


Overview on Features of Product Review Manager

Navigate to Products > Product Review Manager to access the main product review page.

The Product Review Manager will ONLY display all new incoming product reviews from your Product Monitoring list so please set that up first.

During initial setup, Product Review Manager will fetch all product reviews from the past 6 months.



1.  A search bar is located on the top left,  where you can search by Product Name, ASIN, or SKU along with the time frame of the review.  In addition, you can filter by Star Rating (1-5) and if the review is a verified purchase.

2.  These two icons on the right corner will toggle between "Group by Reviews" and "Group by Product" view types.  Click here to learn more about each view type.

3.  Each review will display critical information about the review.
Product Info- Shows data on the Name, SKU, ASIN, #of competitors, average rating, and total reviews.
Review Date- Shows when the review was written
Review Details- Shows the rating, if the review is a verified purchase (VP) and reviewer's comments.

4.  Action Button- This is where you can contact Amazon, add notes, or view the review from Amazon's website.  Click here to learn more

5.  Clicking the carrot button will expand to show more information on the Product.

6.  Page Navigation-  Quickly navigate to a page without scrolling through hundreds of reviews.


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