Selecting Products to Monitor

How to Select Products to Monitor

Navigate to Product Reviews > Product Monitoring to custom select which Products you would like to monitor for reviews.

By default, we will select the maximum amount of products your plan allows.  If you have more products in your seller central inventory than your plan allows, we automatically select the most active and popular products for monitoring.


1.  A search bar is located on top of the left hand pane,  where you can search by ASIN, SKU or Title.  This is useful for sellers who have a large inventory and know exactly which products they want to monitor.

2.  The search results are displayed by SKU.  To select products, click the empty box on the left of each product name.  You may select all products by clicking the top box, or select as many individual boxes as you like.

3.  Click the "Add >>" button in the middle to start monitoring these products you selected.  You will notice that the products you selected will now move to the right hand pane "Selected Products for Monitoring"

4.  To remove products you do not wish to monitor, check the boxes on the right hand pane "Selected Products for Montoring" and click the "<< Remove" button in the middle.  You will notice the products will disappear from the "Selected Products for Monitoring" section.

5.  When you have finished adding or removing your products for monitoring, click the "Save" button in the middle and this will save your selections.

6.  If you would like to reset your product selections back to Feedbackwhiz's default selection, click the "Load Default" button in the middle and then click "Save"

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