Why aren't my product reviews linking up to orders?

Please make sure you have connected seller central integration and given FeedbackWhiz proper permission to view Order details.  Click here to learn how.

In order for the automatic buyer-review matching feature to work, two conditions need to be met:

1) An email has to be sent prior to that order
    We can still link up orders if you are currently using another email automation service, but please be aware many service providers do not send emails to every single order or have buyer opt out blacklists, this could significantly decrease the amount of reviews matched.  FeedbackWhiz logs and tracks every email that is sent out, so if you use FeedbackWhiz for email automation we can provide support on reviews that don't match.

2) The review has to be a verified purchase and that customer must have bought from your store and not another competitor or store.

Also, the timing in which the matching occurs is not exactly when the negative review arrives.  FeedbackWhiz runs a separate script to collect and match the buyer order information.  It can take anywhere from 1-6 hours for the match to appear.

There are also some other cases when the automatic matching may not occur:

1) The review that was left was from a really old order. 
    -Product reviews can be left anytime after a purchase.  When you first signup, FeedbackWhiz will only buyer review match up to 3 months worth of past orders, meaning we collect only the customer ID's from your past 3 months emails, so if a person leaves a review and that purchase was made many months in the past, we will not link it.  But, we will still provide you a list of names that could potentially match (blue unlinked_symbol.png icon).

2) Your current or previous email auto responder provider did not send emails out to all orders.
      -Some email auto responder services have a global blacklist, meaning they do not send emails out buyer-opt out customers.  If no email is sent, the customer ID code cannot be extracted and the review cannot be automatically linked. 

3) The order associated with the product review is a gift order.  Amazon does not provide us any buyer information for gift orders therefore FeedbackWhiz does not send out emails to gift orders.  If this is the case, then the customer ID code cannot be collected and a match will not occur if the review is left by that order.

We suggest in order to maximize the linking rate to orders, that you have an email campaign running that sends any type of email to all your orders.  This will greatly increase the chances of a direct match.  And if all orders have an email sent + its a verified purchase from your store, there should be close to a 100% match rate.

Click here to get more details on how to buyer-review matching works

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