Creating Custom Link Style Buttons In Your Email Templates [Video]

You can easily create custom stylish buttons inside your template editor, please watch the following video or refer the instructions below:



To create your own buttons: 


After you have created the button, simply right click over the image and click "Copy"

Then you can paste the image back into FeedbackWhiz template editor.

For example if I want to create a custom button for buyers to leave a product review.

1) Use the variable: 

[[LINK_PRODUCT_REVIEW::Leave product review]]

2) Carefully remove the text "Leave product review" and keep all :: and [[ ]] in tact.

3) You should now see:

[[LINK_PRODUCT_REVIEW::Leave product review]]

4) Paste the image from dabuttonfactory after the :: and make sure there is no extra spacing after the :: or before the ]]

5) Your link should look like:


6) Send yourself a test email to make sure the link is clickable and functioning.


If you run into any "link error messages" after you try to save the template, please refer to this article on how fix it:




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