Product Listing Notifications- Hijacker, Item Title, Buy Box Changes [Video]

Locating Product Listing Notification Alerts

To setup your alerts for: Hijacker, Item Title, and Buy Box changes, please go to:

You will see a list of all your products FeedbackWhiz has populated from your inventory in seller central.

Locate the Column "Set Listing Alerts" to see the Hijacker, Item Title, and Buy Box Buttons.

Enabling / Disabling Notification Alerts

When an alert is enabled, the button color displayed will be:

When an alert is disabled, the button color displayed will be:



1) Hijacker Notifications-  When another seller jumps on or leaves this specific ASIN listing, an email will be sent to notify the event.

1A) Increase offers- When a seller jumps on to the listing.

Decrease offers- When a seller currently on the listing is removed from the listing.

*Note these are only for offers on "'New" condition offers.  "Used" Conditions offer increase or decreases are not monitored currently.*

2)Buy Box Notification-  Receive an email when you no longer own the buy box.

3)Item Title Notification- Receive an email when the title changes for this listing.

4)These notifications are per individual ASIN's. Please make sure you have the global notification setting enabled under Account Settings on the Notification page:!/notifications

5) Click Save (to save the changes)





Once you have selected the notifications to be turned on, please select "Update Preferences"

*Make sure these notifications are turned on, if not you will not receive any notifications for Hi-jacker alerts, Buy Box, or Item Title changes


Bulk Editing Notifications

You can bulk edit up to 500 child ASINS for these notifications with a few simple steps.

By default each page will show 100 products.  To change the pagination view count, click on "Showing" where the upside down triangle is to change the number up to 500.

1) Click on the empty box will enable a drop down option to bulk edit.  Click on "bulk edit"

If you select the empty box it will select all items displayed on page as seen in the picture below




Once all of the items are selected, please ensure to disable/enable the notifications you wish to receive or not receive on the Product Bulk Edit


Once that is selected please click the save button to ensure you receive the notifications.



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