TOS Violations- What kind of activities are prohibited when sending emails?


You should not send more than ONE review request email per order


You cannot send emails with marketing or promotional content such as discount codes or offers to buy your other products.


You cannot link to Amazon product listing pages or storefronts

Because this could be interpreted as promotional or marketing activity since it is encouraging additional shopping.

Amazon has specific policies that are meant to protect the authenticity of customer reviews

Asking customers for product reviews using links provided by FeedbackWhiz is perfectly okay!

Do not offer any type of financial reward, discount, free products, or other compensation in exchange for a review.


Do not include conditional statements when asking for a review.

Don’t do This:  If you had a positive or good experience with this product, could you please leave us a review.

Do This: “Could you please spend a few minutes and write us a product review by clicking the link below?” or “Could you please write us an unbiased product review?”


You cannot divert or steer your customers to a different feedback mechanism while positive reviews are sent to Amazon.


Do not ask to revise or remove a review or offer a refund of reimbursement in exchange for this.

Don’t write this: “I will send you a full refund immediately if you could please remove your review”

Instead you should provide great customer service and resolve the issue the Buyer had with your product and it's up to the Buyer if they want to remove or revise the review posted.


Do not send too many emails to buyers. 

Amazon messaging has a daily maximum email of 5 times your average daily order volume +600 emails. We recommend sending 2 emails per order, no more than 3 to prevent getting flagged by amazon for excessive emails.


You cannot include attachments that are not necessary to complete your order.

Don’t attach files that have marketing material or have no relation to the product you are selling.

Only include attachments that are educational or pertains to the product the customer purchased.


Do not use the [Important] tag in your subject line to bypass the buyer-opt outs.

Amazon only permits [Important] Tag for:

Product customization questions
Delivery scheduling
Issues with a shipping address


You cannot link buyers outside of Amazon’s website.

Don’t try to link them to your website or sites like YouTube or Shopify.

If you try to link them outside of Amazon, the buyer will receive a warning message letting them know they are about to get directed to an external site, which can spook your buyer and they end up closing your email.


Failure to comply with the terms of service can result in cancellation of listings, suspension from use of Amazon tools and reports, and the removal of selling privileges.


Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging TOS weblink:




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