How to set up Managed Accounts as an Agency?

Create the Main Agency Account here: 


Please enter your Name, Business/Agency Name, Email address (this email would be used to login to FeedbackWhiz) and Password.

Once you have created the account , please email with your email address stating you wish to have an Agency/Admin account and we will convert your account into an Agency/Admin account.

*Do NOT connect any seller accounts via MWS until we convert your account*

Once we have converted your account, you can login via

For first time setup, we recommend you create and setup all your email templates and campaigns before adding any new accounts.  This will allow you to copy over all templates and campaigns from the main agency account to your sub accounts.

To set up campaigns, please first refer to to determine which type of campaign you wish to set up and instructions are linked for easy set up.

Your account will always default to this page when you login. 

Please follow the instructions below for adding and managing accounts:


1) Add New Account Information
Enter Business Name, Contact Name, and Email Address

2) Email Address
This email address can be any address and can be used as a standalone login. This email address does not need to match the seller central login email address associated with the account.

If you want to use the same email address for multiple FeedbackWhiz accounts, please use the "+" method when entering your new account's email address.
For example, if your email address is, you can create a FeedbackWhiz account under (or,, etc) and all of your FeedbackWhiz messages will be sent to the one email address.

3) Seller Information
First select the Amazon region of the account using the drop down.
Then click on the “Connect MWS” Link
You will be directed to the Amazon Seller Central login page
Login to the account.
Check the box on the left to give FeedbackWhiz permission to access the accounts Amazon API data, then click Next.


4) You will see your Seller ID and MWS Auth Token now. Copy and paste them into Seller ID and MWS Auth Token Box in the appropriate boxes in the FeedbackWhiz "Add New Account" section.


5) Enter the Amazon Seller email address or “Registered/Approved” sender email address here.
Double check that you have inputted the email address correctly otherwise your emails will not reach your customers.  For more information on adding the approved sending email address in Seller Central refer to

6) Copy Email templates and campaigns into this new account?
If “Yes” is selected, all templates and campaigns from Main agency account will be copied to the new account.
Note: This copy function can only be done during new account creation.

7) Once you verify all information is correctly entered and selected, click Add Account.

8) Once new accounts are added, a green manage accounts icon will appear on the top right corner of the navigation menu.  Clicking on this icon will enable a drop down to navigate into other sub accounts. For more information on this refer to

9) Accounts Summary
This area will give you an overview and high level metrics of all the accounts that are connected.

10) Use the scroll bar to view all sub accounts information.


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