Cost of Goods (COGs) Manager

Access the COGs (Cost of Goods) Manager here: 


COGs Manager allows you to input and track cost of goods for individual ASINs.


1) Currency- Please select which currency is displayed.

2) Marketplaces- Please select which marketplace is displayed.

3) Product Search- Search and filter by product name or ASINS. Use commas to separate your searches or to include multiple ASINS.

4) Date Range- You can also filter by date range for COGS that have dates attached to them.

5) By Expense Labels- Search by Labels to filter faster.

6) Number COGs- The number of COGs inputted. 

7) Total Amount (Per Unit)- The total amount per unit

8) Average Amount- Average amount of the COGs = Total Amount/Number of Cogs

9) Total COGs (Sales)- Total sales of the COGs

10) Add COGS: Click to add cost of goods.
A pop up will appear to add Cost of Goods below to be calculated for reporting and profits analytics.


11) Export COGS: Click to download data for all cost of goods. 
A pop up will appear with the Dare Range of Cogs, click on "Generate CSV Report"

Cost of Goods by ASIN's- Click the header to expand and view all COGS for each ASIN.
The green number box indicated how many Cogs are inputted for the product.


To Delete any COGs, click the header to expand and view all COGS for the ASIN.
Click on the trash icon. A pop up will appear "Are you sure to delete this expense?" Click Yes.


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