How do I create a Custom Alert?

Please navigate to the Alert Settings page


Click on "+Create Alert" and a pop up will appear:

Select the Service: Email Summary, Feedback Manager, Order Manager, Product Monitoring, Profits.
Select the appropriate marketplace.
Select the Frequency. 

Each Service will have it's own condition, subcondition, and frequency to select.

Email Summary: You can customize the alert for the frequency of Daily, Weekly, Monthly.

Feedback Manager
Condition: Feedback Rating and Feedback Removal
Subcondition: Any Rating, Rating, Positive Feedbacks, Neutral Feedbacks, Negative Feedbacks
Frequency: Immediately 

Order Manager
Condition: Order Refund, Units Per Order, Units Sold (Aggregate), Order Volume (Aggregate)
Frequency: Immediate

Product Monitoring

Condition: Product Review, Title, Image, Hijacker, BSR, Buybox, Description, Brand, Manufacturer
Dimensions, Listing Price, Category, Adult Flag

Subcondition: Any Rating, Rating, Positive Reviews, Neutral Reviews, Negative Reviews

Condition: Revenue, Cost, Net Profit, Margins(%)

Subcondition: Summary, Amount, Amount Change, Percent Change
Frequency: Daily, Weekly, Monthly

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